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We're Back at Cafe Erzulie In March

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After Al + Mano wrecked Cafe Erzulie at Finals' first event, the Brooklyn venue invited us back for another "Stakes Is Low." Last time it was the DJs' first ever experience playing to a crowd, and this time we have another debut: NY writer and show organizer Ariellenyc is doing her first ever DJ set. She has been taking lessons and practicing a bunch, and promises to go "way too hard" playing hip-hop, house, breaks, and mad more. Arielle is joined by DJ Houseplants, who has been tearing up shows in his home area of Seattle and just moved to NY. If you know me from my Seattle days you may know that Houseplants (Justin Av) and I used to do a monthly DJ night together called FRFR. So this is not just a "welcome to NY" party for him but a reunion for us that maybe means nothing to you but adds a special sentimentality for me. In any case, Justin is an incredible open format DJ who is liable to play rap, house, techno, R&B, UKG, baile...and if I can figure out how to get serato to record these mixes I will!


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