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Stakes Is Low Is Back at a New Venue


Finals' events series Stakes Is Low is back for the fourth time on Sunday 10/29 and it's gonna be lit. We have switched venues (much love to our former home Cafe Erzulie) but remain a free Brooklyn party. This installment is hosted by Jupiter Disco -- a sci fi bar with a bangin system, small dancefloor, and wheelchair accessibility.

Headliners are Tomu DJ and kimdollars1, both of whom produced some of the best music of 2023. Click those hyperlinks to read their Finals interviews, conducted by Vivian Medithi and myself. Opening the evening will be myself and Mano from our sister blog No Bells, and we will be trying to go b2b in some shape, form, or fashion. Hopefully we will be able to record the sets and post them afterward, but that depends on us remembering to bring a zoom mic and being savvy enough to figure out where to plug it in, what the levels are, etc.

To catch up with Stakes Is Low so far please listen to the mixes above. If anyone wants to DJ another edition of Stakes Is Low, please email [email protected]. For an idea of who we like to book, consider our past DJs: Arielle Lana Lejarde, Alphonse Pierre, Mano Sundaresan, swoozydolphin, DJ Houseplants, and motherfucking Pulitzer Prize winning author Hua Hsu. We love booking writers as DJs, and we love firsts, so no experience = no problem (but it would be good if you could demonstrate some kind of ability to blend or play songs in a thoughtful sequence). It's also my ambition to make these parties all ages at some point, and I am investigating other venues that could make that so (Bed Stuy Art House, Trans Pecos, etc.).

Show up on the 29th if you can, wear a costume if you want (Halloween is the best holiday), and I hope you enjoy the music and feel the realness of the Finals family. For those who have been rocking with me since I used to throw monthly parties in Seattle, BAD RAP and FRFR, Stakes Is Low is very much a continuation of those nights. For those who know me since I moved to NY eight years ago, or since I started Finals in 2020, know this: as saturated as NY is with DJs, and with infinite respect for the music scene here, I wouldn't do this if I didn't think it was needed. Unpretentious to the utmost, slamming sounds always, a prosocial place for ideas and trying things. Based off blogging but making waves IRL. Stakes Is Low but I swear to god we will be giving it 100%!


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