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Sángo's Top 10 Songs of 2021 (Two Lists!)


If you know heavyweight producer Sángo, you know he has two homebases: Washington and Michigan. So it was only right that he came through with not one but two Finals top 10 lists, one for each hometown. There are a few songs here that came out in 2020 but we are gonna let that rock; they came out Q4 so that's fine by me. Sángo is most known for his Brazilian style beats but that's not all he's about, and this is a good chance to see how big his ears really are. Dig around and figure out which jams he produced (he laced tracks on each list) and definitely spend time with both. The DET/MI list has some of the greatest quotables of the year and the SEA/TAC list shines a light on the Pacific Northwest rap scene which is ALWAYS underrated. This list makes a case that Seattle and Tacoma are actually in renaissance moments. Thank you Sángo!


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