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Broke Style: Repaint, Relace, Reblaze


One thing we did at Finals this winter was be broke. So stylewise we spent minimal money and re-made what we had: we put new laces in old boots, painted on clothes we already owned, and liberated our (one) blazer from "event" status to everyday wear. It was a success, all in all, and something similar for spring seems like a good idea.

Here are photos of the Finals winter recycling project. Scroll to the bottom for spring style predictions.



Art by Hunter Ney on pre-owned visvim


Andrew Matson first foray into clothes painting, on Dickies/Sherwin Williams



Green laces in Danners so they look like Bottegas


Green laces in Vasques off eBay



Blazer out and about


Anyway that was winter. What do we do for spring? Maybe in spring we do more colored laces. Maybe we add a flavorful/affordable accessory like a new headband or a hat off eBay. Interesting combos of long sleeves and short pants beckon, the wordle of fits. Is there any daring stuff with layering we can pull off? Can a button up be worn over a hoodie?? What are we doing for footwear. Are we still able to wear our boots? With shorts?? Right now in Brooklyn 3 out of 3 cool guys are wearing Mephistos. We aren't mad, and they can be eBayed. Let's get the gears turning people. Spring happens fast, you have to act. Fits will be bricked and gotten off. Proceed and we'll see you out there.


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