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Atoosa Moinzadeh's Top 10 Songs of 2021


Writer Atoosa Moinzadeh leveled up this year, taking on an editor role at BRICK Mag and doing the 10th issue Durk cover story –– BRICK being the best print rap publication in existence, which I also write for on occasion. We texted song links back and forth all year, and because of her I got into a bunch of rappers I wouldn't have otherwise probably, Zelooperz and Highway especially, both of whom pop up on her list. Her list violates not one but TWO rules, as a top 10 that clocks in at 13 songs and which also features music from 2020. But as I've said, these are not really about rules but rather getting into the headspace of our curators. And Atoosa's taste –– for rap that's grungy, tough, smooth, and rowdy –– makes for a fluid listen and a fitting finale for our mad year-end spree.

Get lost in Atoosa's world below, and run back all our 2021 lists whenever you're feeling like you want to pass someone else the aux. Blog posts are here on the blog (go find them) and all the lists are here on my Spotify profile. Thanks Atoosa, Sango, Stas THEE Boss, Lei Takanashi, Nabil Ayers, Hua Hsu, Julia Shapiro, Kieran Press-Reynolds, DJ Houseplants, Stephanie Clary, Aramis Johnson, Vivian Medithi, and fish narc! I know it's an overwhelming amount but the idea is that you'll return to these throughout the whole next year. That's what I do anyway, and I pick selectors that I actually want to spend time with in that way. Hopefully you'll fuck with my taste, highlighting their taste.


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