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Stas Thee Boss's Top 10 Songs of 2021


Characteristically Stas Thee Boss's top 10 is a fukn VIBE. If you've heard her rap or sang, heard her productions, or best, seen her perform, you know that the Brooklyn/Seattle musician is smooth in everything she does. Her year-end selections are no exception, gelling together in a funked up haze, 40% rap and 60% not-rap. There are overlaps with other Finals lists like Nabil Ayers's (L'Rain) and Julia Shapiro's (Enumclaw). She's the only one who put a Ye song on there though, which was warranted imhhho. So thanks Stas, for doing what had to be done. (Also the H31r song came out in 2020 but who really gives a shit, that album hit all year). Anyway jam this list, look out for Stas' upcoming album, and check her out as a contributor to Finals Issue No. 02, currently in the design phase and coming to the buying some point.


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