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Nabil Ayers's Top 10 Songs of 2021


I first met Nabil in Seattle in the early 2000’s. He would let me drop off Vice mags and other street promo shrapnel at his record store, Sonic Boom. He was always really chill and gracious with that million dollar smile of his. Flash forward to 2021 and he’s a bona fide music and literary super soaker. Not only does he run legendary record label 4AD in the states, not to mention his own label The Control Group, he also writes thoughtful and engrossing pieces for P4K, NYT, GQ, Rollin Stone, Food & Wine, etc. Stop scrolling for an hour and do yourself a favor - read everything on his page now. Oh and btw, his dad is a gawd, his uncle is a holy spirit, which makes him the jesus of Brooklyn, the place where he dwell. His memoir is going to drop in 2022 so cop cop cop. I asked Nabizzle what music he bumped this past year and he sent over this sick playlist of progressive indie type shit. FW IT!


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